Pioneering a new class of programmable
mRNA-encoded therapeutics

Our platform

Platform capabilities

Topology of Genomic Control
Omega understands the topology and the functionality of IGDs through both computational and biological insights and leverages our diverse library of proprietary algorithms and deep-learning techniques to categorize the roughly 15,000 human IGDs.

Biology of Disease
We are linking disease biology pathways with the appropriate IGDs for therapeutic intervention, precisely targeting those that control both single-gene and multigene disorders. We understand how they differ between pristine and diseased states, and these insights inform the Company’s approach to IGDs as drug targets to treat and potentially cure serious disease.

Precision Therapeutics
We are designing, engineering and manufacturing Omega Epigenomic Controllers™ to target EpiZips for the cell types of interest, with the ability to specifically downregulate or upregulate genomic activity for therapeutic effect.

Our pipeline

We are advancing a robust pipeline to drive company value and demonstrate the breadth and depth of our science.

Partner with omega

“Omega develops novel engineered therapeutics that precisely tune genomic expression of single, multiple and historically 'undruggable' gene targets, to desired therapeutic levels with high specificity and durability of effect: That's what we call Precision Genomic Control™

- Roger Sawhney, Chief Financial Officer
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