Epigenetics Control Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression

What if…

Epigenetics worked through a universal system and we could interrogate that system and therapeutically intervene to control gene expression?

It turns out…

Nature has organized genes and their regulatory elements in conserved 3D structures called Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs). This is nature’s universal operating system for genomic control, which Omega has therapeutically harnessed, through epigenomic programming™, to create a new class of therapeutics, epigenomic controllers™.

Our breakthrough science has enabled us to tap into this universal operating system for genomic control to systematically address and target the most fundamental genomic processes which fuel cellular growth, differentiation and gene expression.

This is the promise of
Omega’s Epigenomic Programming™ platform


Nature has organized genes and their regulatory elements in conserved 3D structures called Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs) to control gene expression. IGDs encompass single or multiple genes and their regulatory elements. They are insulated from outside transcription by CTCF binding. At Omega, we understand the topology and the functionality of these IGDs through both computational and biological insights. We have leveraged Artificial Intelligence to categorize the roughly 15,000 human IGDs and their elements into genomic “zip codes” that we target with high specificity. We understand how they differ between pristine and diseased states, and these insights inform the Company’s approach to IGDs as drug targets to treat and potentially cure disease.

The Insulated Genomic Domain (IGD) as a drug target

A New and Unprecedented Class of Medicine, Omega Epigenomic Controllers™

Omega has created a new category of medicine through its epigenomic programming platform. We are developing novel engineered and modular therapeutics, called Omega Epigenomic Controllers, that specifically and durably modulate and tune the level of expression of any of the 25,000+ human genes, individually or collectively, to treat and cure disease. Omega’s medicines are being developed to be dosed only as frequently as therapeutically necessary by intervening at the pre-transcriptional level without making changes to native nucleic acid sequences.

This is Precision Genomic Control™

Our vision is to fundamentally transform the
practice of human medicine to treat and cure disease.


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