At Omega Therapeutics, we interrogate the central dogma to target the biological root of disease and change its course without altering nucleic acid sequences or the genetic code.

We are focused on precision tuning to activate the human genome’s native capacity to treat and cure diseases — ultimately allowing for the advancement of medicine and a new future of disease management.









Mahesh Karande, President & CEO, Board Director of Omega Therapeutics
Mahesh Karande

President & CEO, Board Director


Mahesh Karande | President & CEO, Board Director

Mahesh Karande is deeply experienced in running biopharma businesses across discovery, preclinical development, clinical development, commercialization and product life cycle management stages. His breadth of therapeutic experience spans cardiovascular and metabolic, oncology, neurosciences, ophthalmology, antibiotics, pain, respiratory and rare and genetic diseases as well as drug and device combinations. He has been involved with more than 10 product launches in the U.S. and across global markets.

He has strong leadership, operational and business-building experiences combined with a global work history spanning the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa.

Prior to taking the helm at Omega, Mr. Karande was President and CEO of Macrolide Pharmaceuticals, a company he took from discovery into early development. Earlier, Mr. Karande spent several years at Novartis in senior leadership roles: VP and Head of US Oncology for solid tumors, President of Novartis Africa and President of Novartis Egypt. He worked for McKinsey & Company prior to joining the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Karande has an M.B.A. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is also a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where he completed his M.S. in engineering and the University of Bombay where he completed undergraduate studies in engineering.

Thomas McCauley, Chief Scientific Officer of Omega Therapeutics
Thomas McCauley

Chief Scientific Officer


Thomas McCauley | Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Thomas McCauley joined Omega as chief scientific officer in August 2019. Prior to Omega, he served as CSO at Zikani Therapeutics (formerly Macrolide Pharmaceuticals) and before that at Translate Bio (formerly RaNA Therapeutics).

In these roles, Dr. McCauley was responsible for overall scientific vision, strategic direction and leadership of research and development. He provided scientific, technical and operational oversight for advancement of the company’s oligo, mRNA and novel macrocyclic technology platforms and management of portfolio therapeutic programs in pulmonary, metabolic, genetic and infectious disease.

Previously, Dr. McCauley served as vice president and head of Global Nonclinical Development at Shire Pharmaceuticals, where he made significant contributions to the development and global approvals of many of Shire's products, including Replagal® for Fabry disease, Vpriv® for Gaucher disease, Elaprase® for Hunter syndrome, Firazyr® for hereditary angioedema and Xiidra® for dry eye disease.

Dr. McCauley has more than 19 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and has authored more than 40 scientific publications, book chapters and patents. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University and received his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Roger Sawhney

Chief Financial Officer


Roger Sawhney, M.D. | Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Roger Sawhney joined Omega as Chief Financial Officer in August 2020. Prior to Omega, he served at KKR & Co. as Director of its healthcare investment platform in the Americas, where his work focused on investments across private and growth equity in the healthcare sector.

Earlier, he held the role of Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy for Novartis AG, as well as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Outcome Health, a privately-funded leader in the digital health space. In these roles, Roger was progressively responsible for growth initiatives, M&A, business development and global strategic planning.

Dr. Sawhney has also served as Partner with both Bain and Company and the Boston Consulting Group, where he led and managed numerous investments across the life sciences, med-tech and digital health sectors, as well as transformation engagements for the world’s leading global biopharma companies. He has particular depth in M&A, BD&L, portfolio strategy and growth strategy.

He earned his M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School and also holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University.

Barbara Chan

VP, Finance


Barbara Chan | VP, Finance

Barbara Chan brings over 20 years of experience as a senior finance leader in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries to Omega. Prior to joining the Omega team, Barbara most recently served as Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Joining Aegerion at a particularly challenging time, Ms. Chan was able to completely transform and rebuild the finance organization, including significantly reducing the finance team turnover, establishing an appropriate control environment, improving internal processes, and enhancing both internal and external reporting. During her tenure at the company, Ms. Chan helped to support in the resolution of the significant legal and compliance issues facing the company, and led her team through a complex merger, two product launches outside of the U.S., and played a pivotal role in the ultimate sale of the company.

Prior to that, Ms. Chan spent 13 years with Parexel International, where she oversaw the company’s revenue growth from $320 million to over $2 billion. While at Parexel, she held roles of increasing responsibility, most recently as Global Head of Accounting Services.

Ms. Chan is a CPA with a B.S. in Accountancy and an M.S. in Taxation from Bentley University.

Christian Cobaugh, VP, Platform and Process Development of Omega Therapeutics
Christian Cobaugh

VP, Platform and Process Development


Christian Cobaugh | VP, Platform and Process Development

Dr. Christian Cobaugh leads Omega Therapeutics’ drug formulation and delivery, process development and associated analytics.

With more than a decade of experience leading target identification, drug discovery and development in nucleic acid medicines, biologics and small molecules across a broad range of therapeutic areas, Dr. Cobaugh knows that breakthrough products come from great teams realizing the full potential of cutting-edge technology.

Most recently, Dr. Cobaugh was senior director, Discovery Biology and Process Development, at Translate Bio, an mRNA therapeutics company. Prior to that, Dr. Cobaugh led research partnerships and drug discovery teams as a director at CRISPR Therapeutics and Arcturus Therapeutics and as a research scientist at Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Cobaugh holds a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from the University of Texas-Austin.

Jeffrey Kopacz, VP, Intellectual Property of Omega Therapeutics
Jeffrey Kopacz

VP, Intellectual Property


Jeffrey Kopacz | VP, Intellectual Property

Jeff Kopacz joined Omega Therapeutics in January of 2019 with more than 17 years of experience in the legal and biopharmaceutical industries.

Prior to joining Omega, Mr. Kopacz served as senior director, senior intellectual property counsel at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mr. Kopacz served at Alnylam for 10 years. His primary responsibilities included developing and executing the intellectual property strategy for Alnylam’s therapeutic candidates (seven+ currently in clinical trials, including Givosiran, Fitusiran and Inclisiran) and built the intellectual property portfolio for the world’s first RNAi-approved medicine, Onpattro®. He also helped defend the Alnylam platform intellectual property estate from patent challenges and worked closely with business development supporting various license agreements and collaborations, including Sanofi/Genzyme, Regeneron, Novartis and the Medicines Company.

Prior to joining Alnylam, Mr. Kopacz was an attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP (now Locke Lord LLP), where he built the intellectual property estates for numerous commercial products and counseled clients on intellectual property matters in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Mr. Kopacz began his biopharmaceutical career at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, now Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Kopacz received his undergraduate degree in microbiology for University of Massachusetts at Amherst, his graduate degree in molecular microbiology and immunology from Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School.

Joe Newman, Ph.D.

VP, Biology


Joe Newman, Ph.D. | VP, Biology

Dr. Joe Newman has over 20 years of experience leading and supporting all stages of drug development, from lead optimization through to clinical development. Prior to joining Omega, Joe was Vice President of Early Development at Zikani Therapeutics, where he successfully transitioned the company’s focus from infectious diseases to oncology and rare diseases.

Prior to Zikani, he was the head of Biology at Tetraphase Therapeutics, leading the NDA and MAA submissions for Xerava®. Before that, Dr. Newman spent ten years at AstraZeneca in various roles supporting early development and IND submissions for a number of programs, including two products currently in Phase 3 clinical development.

Dr. Newman received his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Delaware, his Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Rhode Island and completed fellowships at Tufts Medical School and MIT.

Chinmaya Rath, VP, Strategy & Business Development of Omega Therapeutics
Chinmaya Rath

VP, Strategy & Business Development


Chinmaya Rath | VP, Strategy & Business Development

Chinmaya Rath brings more than 20 years of diverse biopharma experience, working across multiple geographies in corporate strategy, commercial launch, business integration and business development.

Most recently at AstraZeneca, Mr. Rath was the Lynparza Brand Strategy lead for key launches in ovarian cancer. At Novartis, as U.S. brand director for Tasigna, he led “treatment-free remission” and “pediatric indication” launches in CML.

While at Novartis, Mr. Rath was the head of U.S. Oncology Strategy and Operations for ~$6 billion business. He successfully led key strategic endeavors, including the integration of GSK’s U.S. oncology division and the plan to maximize the Global portfolio and assets through prioritization.

Mr. Rath received his MBA in strategy and finance from Warwick Business School, U.K. and an MBA in marketing from Army Institute of Management studies, India. He completed his undergraduate studies in life science with honors from Ravenshaw University, India.


Noubar Afeyan Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chairman of Omega Therapeutics Board and CEO of Flagship Pioneering
Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Omega Therapeutics, CEO Flagship Pioneering


Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D. | Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Omega Therapeutics, CEO Flagship Pioneering

Noubar Afeyan has dedicated his career to improving the human condition by systematically creating science-based innovations that serve as the foundation for startup companies. Flagship has fostered the development of more than 100 scientific ventures resulting in $30 billion in aggregate value, thousands of patents and patent applications and more than 50 drugs in clinical development.

Prior to founding Flagship Pioneering, Dr. Afeyan was the founder and CEO of PerSeptive Biosystems, a leader in bio-instrumentation that grew to $100 million in annual revenues. After PerSeptive’s acquisition by Perkin Elmer/Applera Corporation in 1998, he became senior vice president and chief business officer of Applera, where he initiated and oversaw the creation of Celera Genomics. He serves on the boards of a number of public and private Flagship companies, has written numerous scientific publications and is the inventor of more than 80 patents.

Dr. Afeyan was born in Beirut to Armenian parents in 1962, did his undergraduate work at McGill University in Montreal and completed his Ph.D. in biochemical engineering at MIT in 1987. A passionate advocate of the contributions of immigrants to economic and scientific progress, Dr. Afeyan received the Golden Door Award in 2017 from the International Institute of New England in honor of his outstanding contributions to American society as a U.S. citizen of foreign birth.

David Berry, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder of Omega Therapeutics and General Partner of Flagship Pioneering
David Berry, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Omega Therapeutics, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering


David Berry, M.D., Ph.D. | Co-Founder, Omega Therapeutics, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering

David Berry joined Flagship Pioneering in 2005 where he is a general partner, focusing on conceiving, creating, resourcing, and launching groundbreaking companies. Dr. Berry has co-founded more than 20 companies across life sciences and sustainability, including Joule, Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MCRB), T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO), Indigo Agriculture, Evelo Biosciences, Eleven Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ: EBIO), LS9 (acquired by Renewable Energy Group), Axcella Health and Inari Agriculture. He has served as founding CEO of more than 10 companies, including Seres, Evelo and Axcella.

Dr. Berry received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and his Ph.D. from MIT in biological engineering.

John Mendlein, Ph.D.

Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering


John Mendlein, Ph.D. | Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering

John Mendlein, Ph.D. is an Executive Partner at Flagship Pioneering and longtime member of Flagship’s broader ecosystem of companies. He is a highly experienced biotech leader and has served in numerous executive and board roles. John is co-author or co-inventor of over 210 publications and published patents. He has served on the boards of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), as well as on Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), Axcella Health and Editas Medicine (NASDAQ: EDIT). John currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kintai Therapeutics and board member of Cogen Immune Medicine and Ohana Biosciences.

John holds a Ph.D. in physiology and biophysics from the University of California, Los Angeles, a J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and a B.S. in biology from the University of Miami.

Rick Young, Ph.D., MIT Professor of Biology and Member of Whitehead Institute
Rick Young, Ph.D.

MIT Professor of Biology, Member, Whitehead Institute


Rick Young, Ph.D. | MIT Professor of Biology, Member, Whitehead Institute

Dr. Rick Young studies gene regulatory circuitry in health and disease. His research accomplishments range from the development of genome-wide analysis technologies to the discovery of core regulatory circuitry of human embryonic stem cells. He has served as an advisor to the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, the Vatican and numerous scientific societies and journals. Dr. Young has founded and advised companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and is currently a member of the board of directors of Syros Pharmaceuticals, Camp4 Therapeutics, Omega Therapeutics and Dewpoint Therapeutics.

Dr. Young received his Ph.D. in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University, conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford University and joined Whitehead Institute and MIT in 1984.

Mary Szela TriSalus CEO of Life Sciences
Mary Szela

TriSalus Life Sciences, President & CEO


Mary Szela | TriSalus Life Sciences, President & CEO

Mary Szela has more than 32 years of experience as an executive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, serving on the board of directors of publicly held companies Receptos Inc., Novo Nordisk and Novelion Therapeutics. Ms. Szela currently serves on the board of Coherus Biosciences, Kura Oncology, Alimera Sciences and TriSalus Life Sciences. Prior to joining TriSalus, Ms. Szela was chief executive officer of Novelion Therapeutics, where she resolved the significant legal, regulatory and compliance issues facing the company and executed a merger to recapitalize the company within the first year.

Ms. Szela earned a B.S. in nursing and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2017, Omega Therapeutics is a preclinical stage genomic medicine enterprise that is transforming medicine and patient care through precision genomic control. Today, we are interrogating the central dogma of biology and illuminating the role of genomic activation at the pretranscriptional level as a new way to treat and potentially cure disease by precisely controlling genomic expression without changing nucleic acid sequences.

Omega has created a foundational proprietary knowledge base of Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs) and their biological functions in both healthy and diseased states across cell types. IGDs function as the fundamental regulators, or GenomStats™, of the human genome.

This scientific insight drives our discovery and development of genomic modulators, called Omega Epigenomic Controllers™. We engineer them to precisely tune genomic activity to desired therapeutic levels through control of the GenomStats™. This allows us to treat disease without altering the human genetic code.

FOUNDERS Flagship Labs
FOUNDER David Berry
FOUNDED May 2017
SCIENTIFIC ADVISORS Rudolf Jaenisch & Richard A. Young
M.I.T. and
Whitehead Institute
Scientist at an Omega Controller


Using computational biology, we have successfully mapped the IGDs and have been able to identify the correct genomic target for a therapeutic influence.

We are investigating the biology of a range of
diseases to determine how best to intervene with
our Epigenomic Controllers™. Our goal is to redirect the
course of disease through the native capacity of the human genome.


We are developing a transformative precision therapeutics class for a range of indications, including rare genetic diseases, immunology, inflammation, metabolic diseases and oncology. Most disease results from dysregulation of the genome.

Our distinct model brings together every critical component for success: deeply experienced leadership, a commitment to foundational scientific principles, full capabilities for drug discovery and development, commercialization expertise and professional capital management.

We are united to develop and eventually commercialize the next generation of genomic medicines that are effective, safe and durable.